blog and news on developments on their camera app for Blackberry - CAMultimate the Blackberry Camera App with Burst, Timer, Effects and more..
Hmmn, after a bunch of retakes we have finally got what we are looking to achieve with the CAMshout for the female sounds.
Thanks again to those involved
After just 3 takes, the camera shout sounds for the male counterpart have been successfully recorded, well done to those involved
Hmmn, after a few days more hunting we seem to have found what we were looking for, thanks madame Paige!

A distinct (or shall we say annoying) accent that will grab anyones attention at the right time, giving the perfect balance between the Male and Female versions of the CAMshouts for CAMultimate!
After just three days of auditioning we believe that we have found a great voice for our male Camera Shouts courtesy of Ask Raza Corp , now to just let him know what we need to get done..

In the meantime, where is the voice for our female shouts? shes out there somewhere..
CAMultimate will include a camera shout to grab your family and friends attention so that you can gain their attention. The CAMshouts needs to have a unique and distinct feel so that the look and feel of the rest of the app is maintained throughout for our customers, will let you know how this goes..
The application buttons have been amended to suit the flow and design of the overall look and feel. The in-app logo and thumbnail has been created and now added to the beta development. Awaiting improvements to the coding of the main features of the app
After spotting one or two other design flaws of the interface we have decided to now re-design the interface flow again, to enable a richer smoother experience for the user.