blog and news on developments on their camera app for Blackberry - CAMultimate the Blackberry Camera App with Burst, Timer, Effects and more..
If you cannot wait to purchase the app from Blackberry AppWorld, then why not just purchase and download the CAMultimate 1.1 PRO-EDITION today direct from the website by paying for the licensed copy securely with your very own paypal account!

The CAMultimate 1.1 PRO version for Blackberry Torch has finally been submitted to Blackberry AppWorld!

Now comes the nervous waiting game while the relevant checks are being made by the approvers at RIM. Apparently been told that it can take 8-10 days to approve the app, although some have been done within 3 days.

Heres waiting....
Dynamic licensing completed and tested successfully, now to get it ready for the Blackbery Appworld submission...
Initially the app was meant to have a standard Blackberry licence. However after investigating further it would seem that this would not be adequate as a standard license would mean that just one license would unlock the app.

This could mean that one person can purchase the app from Appworld and give the same license to 5 of his friends and they would all enjoy the benefit of the app.

So we toyed with the idea of a pool license, again this did not seem appropriate as 'our' pool of licenses that Blackberry will give to users will all be unlocked by the same license key.

Not sure why Blackberry offer those solutions in the first instance if they are not as secure, but then again they do offer the support of a dynamic license ;)

With this in mind we selected the dynamic pool licensing structure, now need implementation into the app...
The application now in its final 1.1 version has been completed, and has it been a very challenging journey along the way just to get to this junction! (although we are far from our final destination!)

Menus, seem fine now, slight functionality change in the help menu once again, also amended the terms of use document and included the contact us and post comments functions from withi.

Splash screens for the new 1.1 version have been amended to display the PRO-EDITION branding, which gives for a much better version recognition for our users.

Usability testing continues throughout this stage and with minimul feedback, gives us the confidence that the application is now towards the very final release stages...

After a few different beta version jumps, (0.05-0.08) we are now on beta version 0.9 after a few amendments below:

* Rollover icons have been removed and set to one types to ensure that the app size remains compact.
* Help text adjusted and layed out
* App property fields updated
* EULA arranged on startup
* Info icon
* Progress bar shown during applying of effects

Very close to our much anticipated version 1.0!
Splash screen updated, also changed resolution of the main background image, as well as set the effects and fun effects background image.

Also created four different icons for the fun menu, and created the text for emailing image to a friend as well as recommending the app!

Usability testing continues throughout the app to check functionality, robustness and all round look

We certainly seem to be getting closer towards the goal now..
The help file FAQs for the Blackberry CAMultimate app has been completed and will be available on the next beta release. It contains most information relating to the usage and applying the effects as well as information on how to create a QR code for yourself.

Lets hope it makes sence to you!
With the boosted sounds, additional effects, change of background image on main screen, new effect icons and faster effects, this version seems to be rolling out much more robust.

A few more UI tweaks need to be completed for now and we are very close to finally releasing the app to the masses!