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Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update Screenshot
Blackberry Dev Alpha
The Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device operating system was updated to version earlier this morning. We were lucky enough to download the latest version via OTA direct from the device.

A relatively simple process, download took approximately 25-30 mins where the installation file was 487MB in size.

Installation did not take more than 10 minutes so the upgrade process was flawless and within very reasonable timescales. It also restored the existing data as it should. Have a look at the screenshots below of the upgrade steps..

Running the Software Updates

Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update Screenshot to check for updates
Check for Updates on the Dev Alpha
Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update just started to progress
Software update just started on the Dev Alpha
Software update complete for Blackberry 10 please restart the dev alpha device
Software update complete for Blackberry 10 please restart
Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update found image
Blackberry Dev Alpha has found a Software update
Blackberry Dev Alpha Software Update progress screen
Progress bar of the OS update for Blackberry 10
screenshot of the Dev Alpha software updated completed successfully screen
Confirmation of the Blackberry OS 10 upgrade

Blackberry 10 homescreen

Blackberry 10 Homescreen
The Blackberry 10 homescreen
Just a few small cosmetic updates we found straight up from the homescreen that we noticed as the Blackberry Dev Alpha booted to the mail menu screen..

All icons are now slighted rounded on the edges and look much sharper

Icons changed (Browser/Calender/BBM)

Blackberry App World now renamed to Blackberry World

Settings icon now appears as a seperate icon, previously it was on a menu that had to be swiped downwards from the top

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger 10
Unfortunately Blackberry Messenger would not open for now..
During the photo screenshots the Blackberry Messenger 10 would not want to load up during this time and get spinning with the Opening BBM sign, we will try a reboot later on and see what happens..

Active Screens

The Blackberry Dev Alpha OS 10 Active screen
Blackberry 10 Active Screen
The Blackberry OS10 Active Screens feature looked faster and more fluid. Only dissapointing thing is that it would not display active screens. For example, it would be interesting the see the youtube video running in its own window, while the BBM screen was actively showing at the same time, now that would be a cool thing to have!

Blackberry App World 10 App Storefront
Blackberry Appworld now renamed to Blackberry World. We believe this is due to the fact that Apps, Music, Video and Films are also for sale in this 'device store'. Making it not just for apps but for everything else too..
Blackberry 10 World Apps List
Apps List BB10
The Blackberry 10 World now has updated apps released by developers up until september. All other apps are now doe to be released in January after the final release.

Festive Offer for users in India
For a limited time once again RIM have been generous to offer free premium apps to Blackberry users in India.

BBIN announced the free apps a few days ago that for the users in India some chargeable apps were now free!

So if you havent already started downloading now is the best time to download some if not all the free apps, you can always delete the apps from your device once you have downloaded them and reinstall them back at the later date as long as you still have access to your Blackberry AppWorld account!

Here is the list of apps currently downloadable for free..