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Blackberry Dev Alpha device in hand
With the update of the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha OS on the 19th July 2012, we uncovered a nifty little feature whereby when you press and hold down the middle convenience key button on the dev alpha device a male voice activates and asks

"Please say a command after the beep.. BEEP"

After which the user can state a number of different commands such as
"What time is it?" and "Whats the weather like?" as well as "send a message to 'Mom.."

Current Blackberry users may remember when fumbling for their handset and accidently pressing the convienience key, the dreaded voice 'Say a command' and we always tended to ignore it as we felt it was useless or just a voice dialling feature.

Siri like voice commands on the Blackberry 10

Well seems RIM have decided to spend a little time and effort into this nifty little feature and giving it an upgrade and a more meaningful approach to their users following the upgrade on what this voice commands feature can do for them.

If you cant wait and want find out more about how to play around with the current voice commands available on the Blackberry OS 7.1 then check out our

Blackberry Bold 9900 Voice Search video and our Blackberry Curve 9360 Voice Commands video

Question is why did it take RIM so long to realise this potential as from what we can see on OS 7.1 a similair feature to this was already included but never mass marketed, and we dont know why?

See the full list of the voice commands available on the Blackberry Dev Alpha courtesy of Innovatology from by hitting on Read More below

The RIM Blackberry Dev Alpha Device Voice Commands

Press and hold the mute button. The BB Dev Alpha says: "Please say a command after the beep".

Things you can say:

Open browser
BB says: "What site do you want to go to?"
Browser opens on that site

Search for <something>
BB says: "Updating information for <something>"
Various search results appear: apps, Bing, Help, YouTube, App World, Music, Wikipedia

Go to <site>
BB says: "Browsing to <site>"
Browser opens on that site

Go to
BB says: "What would you like to find?"
BB says: "Performing Google Search for Paris"
Browser opens on Google, but no search is performed yet

What is the weather?
BB says: it is currently 20 degrees and partly sunny

What is the time?
BB says: it's 2:10pm

Find directions to Paris
BB says: "Updating information for Paris"
Bing maps appears centered on Seattle but no results are found.
Similar for things like "Where is the nearest Starbucks"

Call Maria
BB says: "I couldn't find Maria, please say the contacts name again"
...probably due to missing PIM apps, same with commands like "Send text message".

Dial <number>
BB says: "Do you want to call <number>?
BB says: I am calling <number>
(no SIM, can't test)

Make an appointment with Jon for tomorrow at 2pm
BB says: OK, here is your appointment with Jon on Saturday, July 21st at 2pm. Would you like to schedule it?
BB says: Scheduling your appointment. I've saved it in your calendar.

Move my 2pm meeting tomorrow to 4pm
BB says: "Here is your reminder. Shall I save it?"
Seems to incorrectly create a new reminder from 2pm to 4pm

Cancel my 2pm meeting tomorrow
BB just pings

Remember to call Jack
When would you like me to remind you to call Jack?
At 5 p.m.
Here is your reminder <blablabla> Would you like me to save it?

Play <something>
Please specify the playlist, album, artist, genre or title

Things it doesn't do (yet), or does incorrectly:
What is the time on Tokio?
What is the weather in Barcelona?
What is 3 times 33?
How much is 10 dollars in euro's?
Close browser / close AIR browser

Things it doesn't understand usually result in: "Do you want to search the web for ..."

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