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Blackberry World logo black
The new Blackberry World logo
RIM has just announced on their developer blog the rebranding of their App Store from Blackberry App World to Blackberry World!

With the imminent release of Blackberry 10 only days away now, the rebranding of their app store has come at the right time.

Blackberry 10 users as well as Playbook users will now be able to purchase much more from the Blackberry store than just be limited to apps.

Movies, Videos, Albums and TV Series will be available for users to either download or rent/stream for 24hours giving RIM a great new way for their users to access content than ever before.

A much better integration of the app store with users of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) as well as social media sites Facebook and Twitter makes for sharing and showing off apps and media. Users can now use NFC to tap and share apps, and will continue to be able to download apps and content from their device on laptop or computer.

From what we can see it looks like RIM may be giving way (on the front menu screen) to the old Top Downloaded Apps, Top Rated and Top Paid apps and may be looking to just incorporate them all into one large bunch of apps table under the folder of 'Top Trending Apps & Games' and move the other sections elsewhere.

This would give users one point of download where the imputus would be given to the best apps being downloaded by Blackberry users, with the best user ratings giving the user the best download experience which they werent able to achieve previously

In the last few days in the Blackberry portathons, developers have submitted over 15,000 apps for the Blackberry 10 OS, giving RIM a total of approximately 60,000 apps ready to be unleashed to the buyers of the new Blackberry 10 devices.

Will you be one of them?

Watch the Blackberry 10 Walkthrough video of Appworld and BBM or view more screenshots of the Blackberry 10 OS

Some screenshots of Blackberry World

Blackberry World app showing the movies screen for Top Movies list and New Arrivals
Blackberry World movies screen
Blackberry World app screen
Blackberry World stop prompt
Blackberry World Apps List for New Arrivals
Blackberry World Apps List for New Arrivals
Blackberry World top trending apps and games and top albums
Blackberry World front screen showing top trending apps

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