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The Blackberry issue of sending/receiving emails, Blackberry Messenger updates/messages continue to haunt Blackberry users in the UK, Europe, some parts of Africa, India and now even some parts of North America a full 72 hours since first known.

The majority of Blackberry users are now beginning to think twice as to the certain timing of the outage and the length of time taken to resolve the issue with lack of updates from RIM.

Some conspiracy theorists are pointing the finger to competitors, Apple, Google and Android. Whereas others are pointing to some internal heirachy ramblings going on at Research in Motion headquarters in Canada.

Jonathan a Blackberry user in London was quoted as saying "This is ridiculous, I mean are they removing their patent protected servers in order to make way for takeover companies to look after the running of the backend;while RIM walkaway with their secrets of covert encrypted and compressed messages? Surely we need to know as we are your customers!"

The Blackberry UK Twitter page has had an update a few hours ago referring users to their page for the latest information. According to which the last update was made at 20.20 BST advising users that they are working to clear the backlog of messages in order to eliminate the delays

For most users, this is certainly NOT good news, although we are reassured at an update on the 12th October 12.00 BST reassures everyone that they are "working 'day and night' in order to restore the service."

Come on RIM get a move on, how hard is it to flick a switch? ;)

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