blog and news on developments on their camera app for Blackberry - CAMultimate the Blackberry Camera App with Burst, Timer, Effects and more.. at the Blackberry Jam Tour in London June 2012 team member visiting the Blackberry 10 Jam Tour in London in June 2012
We were very pleased to reward our staff members to a trip to the Thames River Bank in London at the amazing Vinapolis venue for the Blackberry 10 Jam Tour 2012 in London.

The place where RIM reassured developers that all Blackberry was certainly not lost and not forgotten.

The upcoming Blackberry OS 10 certainly bags a lot of potential from what we gathered; smoother multitasking in the form of cascades, slicker operating system, better hardware, neat user interface touches, new gesture touch swipes, a brand new faster keyboard touch type system, all looks promising and something that will definately propel Blackberry back onto the market to compete against the Android and of course the dreaded iPhone!

Senior members of Research In Motion UK reassured developers at the conference that all was not lost at Blackberry despite the negativity and pounding of their stocks in the last 18 months. They seem to be not only playing catchup but from the seminars on show, it looks as if the new OS will put RIM back onto the smartfone arena.

They also seemed to understand that developers need not only simulators but actual devices to asscertain actual behaviour sometimes which cannot be mirrored on simulators, with this in mind, we were also privilidged enough to be on the chosen list of a few developers in the UK who have Qualified for a free Blackberry 10 Alpha Device designed to help us develop the next generation of apps on the new Blackberry OS which is fantastic of RIM to provide.

Apps created using javascript for the old Blackberry Operating System up to OS 7.1 are not expected to be compatible for the new Blackberry OS10 so the challenge is on for the developers to ensure that apps are plentiful for the Blackberry 10 customers to further satisfy their ever changing needs and demands.

Although the Blackberry 10 Alpha device is not the actual finished product due to be released towards the end of the year, it does however give us developers an insight as to what to expect from the final release and get us closer to making the bridge easy from the divide that is HTML 5 and the new OS10.

Blackberry 10 Jam Tour in London 2012
Blackberry 10 Jam Tour poster in London, June 2012

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