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camultimate free trial for blackberryCAMultimate Free Trial for Blackberry
The CAMultimate Camera Tools has a few enhanced tweaks to make it run more smoother and has also been extended so that it lasts 30 days!

Now the more reason if you haven't already done so to download the free trial version and see what all the fuss and fun is all about and does it really work..

CAMultimate Camera Tools Free Trial

CAMultimate Free Trial Splash
CAMultimate Free Trial

We are pleased to announce a FREE version of our CAMultimate Camera Tools Blackberry app which is due to be released on Blackberry World very shortly.

Everyone loves taking photos with their Blackberry, and this FREE TRIAL also includes the ability for users to upload photos to our Flickr Photostream Gallery.

Even if you dont have a Flickr account or cannot be bothered to create one, you can still post your photos to our gallery and share them with your friends or better still show them off to the world.

Following nearly 10,000 downloads of the CAMultimate PRO-EDITION since its launch, if you are unsure of whether CAMultimate Camera is worth downloading or not, this free trial will give you a taster of things in the PRO-EDITION for you to use at your hearts desire for three full days!

So download and set it as your convienience key and start snapping your photos straight away!

BBM Connected app
BBM Connected
This free trial version gives you the following features below:

* Triple Burst Camera Mode
* 5 Second Countdown Camera Timer Mode
* QR Reader/Maker
* Crop Existing Photos
* 1 CAMshout mode

* CAMmute screenshot with no shutter distraction
* BBM Connected

* Black and White Effects mode
* Sephia Effects mode
* Night Vision Effect Mode
* Fiery red tint Effect
* Shrink Nose Fun Effect Mode

* If you have a device which is OS 7+ then you will also have the ability to send your photos straight to Facebook and Twitter too!

The FREE 3 DAY TRIAL is not limited with the amount of photos that you can take during your trial period, so what are you waiting for? Download Today!

We are able to bring you this CAMultimate Free Trial as it includes discreet advertising, please help us by clicking on a sponsors message at least once during your usage. As a precaution please ensure that you always back up your device data before installing any third party applications, by downloading and installing the CAMultimate Free Trial you agree and understand our terms and conditions of use. 

Blackberry World
Download from Blackberry World Today

If you would like to try the FREE CAMultimate Camera 3 day trial, and you cannot wait for it to be released on Blackberry World, then add us on BBM by scanning the QR Code above and tell us & we will send you a direct install link for your device!

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prettyfang photo stream gallery flickr
The CAMultimate Flickr Photostream Gallery is a social upload facility that will give you the chance to showcase the photos you take with your favourite Blackberry effects app with other CAMultimate users on our homepage, via our app gallery webpage and via Flickr!

The latest CAMultimate 1.25 release will allow you to upload any photo to our photostream gallery, where we showcase to other CAMultimate users and the world via our Flickr page.

If you have downloaded our 1.25 free trial version then you can also do the same.

Once your photo has been published you can comment & or share the photo link to your friends & family on Facebook and Twitter. Show everyone how creative and exclusive you can be with your Blackberry by taking amazing photos and showing them off to everyone wherever you are and whatever your doing!

From the CAMultimate Main Menu
go to > Info screen and hit the 'Upload photo to Gallery button'
attach your photo and add the description/photo tags and a title to your photo
Hit the Blackberry button and press SEND
The photo will be uploaded onto the gallery queue and published once approved
You can also access the 'Upload photo to Gallery' button within our Edit Pictures menu

Please remember to adhere to our photo upload guidelines


Following being featured and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee price reduction offer, we have noticed that CAMultimate has reached number 17 on the Top Paid apps Carosel for the first time ever!

A great and proud achievement for our team
CAmultimate Camera Tools Top 17 Paid app in Blackberry App World
CAMultimate Camera Tools shown as within the Top 20 Apps on Blackberry App World
CAMultimate is also available to download via Mobiroo from today.

Mobiroo is an App Store for Blackberry and Android devices. It enables you to purchase a app gift card for your family and friend and allows them to download any app that they like from their app store.

It makes a great gift to anyone who loves their smartphone and loves great value apps. The giftcard benefits great value for example a Mobiroo App gift card purchased at $25 will allow you to download apps to the monetary value of $35.

If anyone does not have a credit or debit card or paypal account then this is ideal as the app card can be bought for cash from stores such as 7 Eleven, K-Mart, Asda, CarphoneWarehouse, Radioshack, Shell stations and Best Buy.
CAMultimate available to purchase from the Mobiroo App Gift Store
CAMultimate available to download at the Mobiroo App Store
Everyone at are immensley proud of what the Queen of England, Elizabeth II has achieved in the 60 years from when she was thrown onto the gauntlet of looking after a Commonwealth of Nations in 1952 at a young age of only 25.

The Queen is currently a patron for over 600 charities and organisations and her reign is the 2nd longest for a British Monarch; and moreover she has given us an extra Bank Holiday this 5th June 2012 to mark this spectacular Diamond Jubilee event.

To mark this amazing achievement we want to give you a CAMultimate Diamond offer and we will be slashing the price of the CAMultimate Camera Tools app on Blackberry App World for a whole 14 days starting from the 22nd May 2012 and until the 5th June 2012 the price will only be £1.00 reduced from £3.00!

Celebrate the Queens reign by picking up a copy of your favourite app on Blackberry App World today!

We are pleased to let you know that we have been reviewed on Indonesia's number one Blackberry Portal website for apps, reviews and latest Blackberry information for Blackberry enthuisiasts.

Check back to see what the Blackberry users of Indonesia has to say about the CAMultimate Camera Tools for Blackberry

For a limited time only we have reduced the price of CAMultimate PRO-EDITION from 3.99 to 2.99.

So if you were still pondering on whether to make the purchase or not we can help you decide by giving you the fully featured app at a lower fee!

Purchase from Blackberry App World today!
Released on 22nd November 2011 on Blackberry App World this is our latest version.

The 'Crop image' function has been revamped to ensure total user control via keyboard and touchscreen (should your device support such functions)

The white frozen screen issue has been rectified in this edition and works as solid as ever.

* Please note that a known issue has been discovered which is that on some Blackberry devices the mirror function will not work correctly, as it displays 180 degrees. We are currently looking into this problem
Two new PREMIUM apps are available on Blackberry App World courtesy of RIM due to their outage last month.

The infamous SIMS game which was made famous as an addictive role playing puzzle game for the PC. Check it out and download, (its free anyway!)

Get it from App World direct