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If you have had the opportunity to download Blackberry Messenger 8 via the beta portal you will have noticed the additional social networking and complete revamp of the new user interface see the images below as well as the brand new BBM Channels feature.

The BBM Channels allows you to subscribe to a channel based on your interests, for example advertising or hobbies. A few if the features from the crackberry and website are detailed below on the new Blackberry Messenger 8


-Channel Profile - View personalised channel profiles for each BBM Channel including additional content helping to bring the channel to life such as a welcome messages, images, maps and more.

-Receive Posts - Stay up to date on the things that matter to you with instant updates from your subscribed channels. Receive notification when new posts are available and chose whether you would like to be notified.

-Engagement options - Get involved in conversations with your favourite communities by commenting on and liking posts from the Channels to which you have subscribed. Or share interesting posts with your BBM contacts.

-Chat (Coming Soon) - Get more personal with one to one conversations. Many BBM Channels allow subscribers to enjoy private conversations via BBM.

-Discovery - Easily find and share your favourite communities on BBM Channels. Check out which Channels are currently featured on the carousel. Channel invites can be shared between BBM contacts or add a Channel via PIN or QR code.

-User Controls - Be in control of your notifications with the BBM Channel mute button. It allows you to select exactly which subscribed channels you would like to receive notifications from.

Subscriber count added to channel profile - No longer will you need to wonder the subscriber count for the channels you are subscribed to

Find out more about Blackberry Messenger and its features here:

Blackberry Messenger 8 screenshots

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Blackberry Dev Alpha device in hand
With the update of the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha OS on the 19th July 2012, we uncovered a nifty little feature whereby when you press and hold down the middle convenience key button on the dev alpha device a male voice activates and asks

"Please say a command after the beep.. BEEP"

After which the user can state a number of different commands such as
"What time is it?" and "Whats the weather like?" as well as "send a message to 'Mom.."

Current Blackberry users may remember when fumbling for their handset and accidently pressing the convienience key, the dreaded voice 'Say a command' and we always tended to ignore it as we felt it was useless or just a voice dialling feature.

Siri like voice commands on the Blackberry 10

Well seems RIM have decided to spend a little time and effort into this nifty little feature and giving it an upgrade and a more meaningful approach to their users following the upgrade on what this voice commands feature can do for them.

If you cant wait and want find out more about how to play around with the current voice commands available on the Blackberry OS 7.1 then check out our

Blackberry Bold 9900 Voice Search video and our Blackberry Curve 9360 Voice Commands video

Question is why did it take RIM so long to realise this potential as from what we can see on OS 7.1 a similair feature to this was already included but never mass marketed, and we dont know why?

See the full list of the voice commands available on the Blackberry Dev Alpha courtesy of Innovatology from by hitting on Read More below

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CAMultimate competition winners
CAMutlimate contest winners on
...and the winners are
bilou BlackberryIsAwesome GP92 GreyGhostRos jhirizarry luis06fer mbspence mrtouchedme rickster21 sprileszky vampireassistant zilla0617
CAMultimate list of winners on bilou BlackberryIsAwesome GP92 GreyGhostRos jhirizarry luis06fer mbspence mrtouchedme rickster21 sprileszky vampireassistant zilla0617
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Some more positive feedback on CAMultimate

Read through some of our users reviews

This might even make me give up my Canon!
..the best all inclusive camera app I have used!
What a ultimate tool.
Wonderful! I love this!
..FUN! works flawlessly on my 9850!
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