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Current OS 7.1 Blackberry device users can use the voice assisted search command features below, although it will not be as glamorous as the newly developed SIRI feature on this Blackberry OS 10 Dev Alpha, the voice look up technology is there for you to take advantage of while we wait for Q1 2013.

We are just a little bemused as to why this voice command feature was hidden away within the OS and hardly marketed much as it does seem like a decent addition to the Blackberry Operating System device.
Blackberry Bold 9900 device
The Blackberry Bold 9900
We had a little play around and apart from the search function which seems to work fine and also the signal and battery check, opening a browser from a voice command and navigating to a web page didnt seem to pick up, why not try it out and let us know if you are getting along any better?

Voice commands RIM Terms of Use

Once you have accepted the above terms and conditions of use of the voice technology on the Blackberry device, you can conduct a voice search from the Blackberry homescreen menu.

Pressing on the microphone button next to the search bar or you can find the Voice Dialling icon and conduct voice dialling commands and perform a few other interesting and fun voice commands for your Blackberry device as demonstrated on our youtube videos below.

Voice Search function demonstrated on the Blackberry Bold 9900

Voice Commands facility demonstrated on the Blackberry Curve 9360

During the our first video walkthrough demo of the voice search, a list of search results from Bing will also give the user a list of possible voice search items that the device thinks the user is trying to look for within the Blackberry or on the web, choosing any one of them will open the browser and a search term performed on it. We believe that this is an optimum way in which providing the user with a fast and convienient way of doing a search without typing.

In our second video, we go through

* The setup wizard for the adaptation of your voice for your Blackberry device to 'learn' your accent so it can effectively pick up your commands.
* We check our phone number on the Blackberry device by using the voice functions
* We attempt to make a call from the Blackberry Curve using the voice function and a dummy number
* We check the battery and signal strength using the voice command facility on the Blackberry

Although this technology is really basic when compared to the SIRI like feature on the Blackberry OS 10 Dev Alpha, we found that the voice detection system accurately picking up on our search term 95% of the time.

So while we wait for RIM to finish the developement of the latest OS10, we think it might be a good idea to get up to scratch with this technology so that we are ready for the Blackberry SIRI in a few months time!
Why not check it out yourself, its free and it should be included in your Blackberry OS 7 device already!

Current Blackberry OS 7 voice commands and their description

"Call <contact name or phone number>"

Say this voice command to make a call. To perform this task with a Bluetooth® enabled device, such as a handsfree car kit or wireless headset, the paired Bluetooth enabled device must support this feature and you must turn on Bluetooth technology. You can't make calls to emergency numbers using voice commands.

"Call <contact name> <phone number type>"

Say this voice command to call a specific phone number for a contact that is in your contact list. For example, if the contact has a work number and a mobile number, you can say "call <contact name> work" to call the work number.

"Call extension <extension number>"

Say this voice command to dial an extension. To perform this task, you must set options for dialing extensions. You can dial extensions only within your company.

"Check my phone number"

If you have multiple phone numbers associated with your BlackBerry® smartphone, say this voice command to check your active phone number.

"Check signal strength"

Say this voice command to check your wireless coverage level.

"Check network"

Say this voice command to check the wireless network that your smartphone is connected to.

"Check battery"

Say this voice command to check the battery power level.


Say this voice command to have the last voice prompt repeated to you.


Say this voice command to close the voice dialing application.

Blackberry Dev Alpha device in hand
With the update of the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha OS on the 19th July 2012, we uncovered a nifty little feature whereby when you press and hold down the middle convenience key button on the dev alpha device a male voice activates and asks

"Please say a command after the beep.. BEEP"

After which the user can state a number of different commands such as
"What time is it?" and "Whats the weather like?" as well as "send a message to 'Mom.."

Current Blackberry users may remember when fumbling for their handset and accidently pressing the convienience key, the dreaded voice 'Say a command' and we always tended to ignore it as we felt it was useless or just a voice dialling feature.

Siri like voice commands on the Blackberry 10

Well seems RIM have decided to spend a little time and effort into this nifty little feature and giving it an upgrade and a more meaningful approach to their users following the upgrade on what this voice commands feature can do for them.

If you cant wait and want find out more about how to play around with the current voice commands available on the Blackberry OS 7.1 then check out our

Blackberry Bold 9900 Voice Search video and our Blackberry Curve 9360 Voice Commands video

Question is why did it take RIM so long to realise this potential as from what we can see on OS 7.1 a similair feature to this was already included but never mass marketed, and we dont know why?

See the full list of the voice commands available on the Blackberry Dev Alpha courtesy of Innovatology from by hitting on Read More below

Just a quick boot up test of the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device versus

Blackberry Torch 9800 running
Blackberry Curve 9360 running
Blackberry Torch 9810 running
Blackberry 8110 Pearl running

Wonder who will win..?
Now that we have unboxed the Dev Alpha device, this is the power up video and a walkthrough of the features in the playbook modified operating system currently on the prototype device.

Going through the on board standard camera (non scalado), the web browser, youtube, swipe gestures, keyboard

Please be advised that this is just a beta device and in now way is the final Blackberry 10 device model design
Our unboxing video of the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device and a walkthrough of what is inside the box.
Our brand new and fantastically simple CAMultimate PRO-EDITION intro video shows you quick guides on the common features included in the app (released by was uploaded on youtube and currently features on our homepage.

It shows you how to take a photo and apply 3 different effects as well as how to take a photo with the timer mode feature included in the app.

Check it out and give us your thoughts!

We have just uploaded our first ever navigational video on for CAMultimate 1.1 PRO-Edition. It doesnt contain any sound but should give customers an insight as to the usuability and functionaility of the Blackberry app to give you a much better understanding of the look and flow of it. Check it out below