CAMultimate is also available to download via Mobiroo from today.

Mobiroo is an App Store for Blackberry and Android devices. It enables you to purchase a app gift card for your family and friend and allows them to download any app that they like from their app store.

It makes a great gift to anyone who loves their smartphone and loves great value apps. The giftcard benefits great value for example a Mobiroo App gift card purchased at $25 will allow you to download apps to the monetary value of $35.

If anyone does not have a credit or debit card or paypal account then this is ideal as the app card can be bought for cash from stores such as 7 Eleven, K-Mart, Asda, CarphoneWarehouse, Radioshack, Shell stations and Best Buy.
CAMultimate available to purchase from the Mobiroo App Gift Store
CAMultimate available to download at the Mobiroo App Store
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