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CAMultimate Free Trial Splash
CAMultimate Free Trial

We are pleased to announce a FREE version of our CAMultimate Camera Tools Blackberry app which is due to be released on Blackberry World very shortly.

Everyone loves taking photos with their Blackberry, and this FREE TRIAL also includes the ability for users to upload photos to our Flickr Photostream Gallery.

Even if you dont have a Flickr account or cannot be bothered to create one, you can still post your photos to our gallery and share them with your friends or better still show them off to the world.

Following nearly 10,000 downloads of the CAMultimate PRO-EDITION since its launch, if you are unsure of whether CAMultimate Camera is worth downloading or not, this free trial will give you a taster of things in the PRO-EDITION for you to use at your hearts desire for three full days!

So download and set it as your convienience key and start snapping your photos straight away!

BBM Connected app
BBM Connected
This free trial version gives you the following features below:

* Triple Burst Camera Mode
* 5 Second Countdown Camera Timer Mode
* QR Reader/Maker
* Crop Existing Photos
* 1 CAMshout mode

* CAMmute screenshot with no shutter distraction
* BBM Connected

* Black and White Effects mode
* Sephia Effects mode
* Night Vision Effect Mode
* Fiery red tint Effect
* Shrink Nose Fun Effect Mode

* If you have a device which is OS 7+ then you will also have the ability to send your photos straight to Facebook and Twitter too!

The FREE 3 DAY TRIAL is not limited with the amount of photos that you can take during your trial period, so what are you waiting for? Download Today!

We are able to bring you this CAMultimate Free Trial as it includes discreet advertising, please help us by clicking on a sponsors message at least once during your usage. As a precaution please ensure that you always back up your device data before installing any third party applications, by downloading and installing the CAMultimate Free Trial you agree and understand our terms and conditions of use. 

Blackberry World
Download from Blackberry World Today

If you would like to try the FREE CAMultimate Camera 3 day trial, and you cannot wait for it to be released on Blackberry World, then add us on BBM by scanning the QR Code above and tell us & we will send you a direct install link for your device!

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prettyfang photo stream gallery flickr
The CAMultimate Flickr Photostream Gallery is a social upload facility that will give you the chance to showcase the photos you take with your favourite Blackberry effects app with other CAMultimate users on our homepage, via our app gallery webpage and via Flickr!

The latest CAMultimate 1.25 release will allow you to upload any photo to our photostream gallery, where we showcase to other CAMultimate users and the world via our Flickr page.

If you have downloaded our 1.25 free trial version then you can also do the same.

Once your photo has been published you can comment & or share the photo link to your friends & family on Facebook and Twitter. Show everyone how creative and exclusive you can be with your Blackberry by taking amazing photos and showing them off to everyone wherever you are and whatever your doing!

From the CAMultimate Main Menu
go to > Info screen and hit the 'Upload photo to Gallery button'
attach your photo and add the description/photo tags and a title to your photo
Hit the Blackberry button and press SEND
The photo will be uploaded onto the gallery queue and published once approved
You can also access the 'Upload photo to Gallery' button within our Edit Pictures menu

Please remember to adhere to our photo upload guidelines

Blackberry World logo black
The new Blackberry World logo
RIM has just announced on their developer blog the rebranding of their App Store from Blackberry App World to Blackberry World!

With the imminent release of Blackberry 10 only days away now, the rebranding of their app store has come at the right time.

Blackberry 10 users as well as Playbook users will now be able to purchase much more from the Blackberry store than just be limited to apps.

Movies, Videos, Albums and TV Series will be available for users to either download or rent/stream for 24hours giving RIM a great new way for their users to access content than ever before.

A much better integration of the app store with users of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) as well as social media sites Facebook and Twitter makes for sharing and showing off apps and media. Users can now use NFC to tap and share apps, and will continue to be able to download apps and content from their device on laptop or computer.

From what we can see it looks like RIM may be giving way (on the front menu screen) to the old Top Downloaded Apps, Top Rated and Top Paid apps and may be looking to just incorporate them all into one large bunch of apps table under the folder of 'Top Trending Apps & Games' and move the other sections elsewhere.

This would give users one point of download where the imputus would be given to the best apps being downloaded by Blackberry users, with the best user ratings giving the user the best download experience which they werent able to achieve previously

In the last few days in the Blackberry portathons, developers have submitted over 15,000 apps for the Blackberry 10 OS, giving RIM a total of approximately 60,000 apps ready to be unleashed to the buyers of the new Blackberry 10 devices.

Will you be one of them?

Watch the Blackberry 10 Walkthrough video of Appworld and BBM or view more screenshots of the Blackberry 10 OS

Some screenshots of Blackberry World

Blackberry World app showing the movies screen for Top Movies list and New Arrivals
Blackberry World movies screen
Blackberry World app screen
Blackberry World stop prompt
Blackberry World Apps List for New Arrivals
Blackberry World Apps List for New Arrivals
Blackberry World top trending apps and games and top albums
Blackberry World front screen showing top trending apps
Following the submission of a multitude of Apps onto Blackberry World it became known that we needed to get a list up together showing Blackberry OS 7 devices and their screen resolution sizes, and the same for OS 6 Blackberry devices the screen resolutions and the os version.

We felt that during the submission process it was difficult to know which device supports what OS and at what size screen resolution.

In the end and after plenty of to and fro-ing with different websites like the blackberry site, phonearena, gsmarena, wikipedia etc we have put a list together below which is by no means a list of them all, but at least during the Blackberry app submission process it will help to serve as a nice reference tool to make it all nice and easy!

Blackberry Screen Resolution> OS Version> Device

OS 6.00

9300 9330

9650 9700 9780 9788

360*480 PORTRAIT
9800 9380


Blackberry 10 Switching applications screen on a Blackberry Dev Alpha
Blackberry 10 App Switching

OS 7.00+

9220 9310 9315 9320

9350 9360 9370 9790 9620

480*640 PORTRAIT

9900 9930 9981

480*800 PORTRAIT
9850 9860

360*480 PORTRAIT

With the exception of Blackberry 10 devices this list may be missing a few 'emerging markets' OS 7+ devices due to be released perhaps in the middle of 2013, if you feel there are devices missing or inaccurate, please leave a comment and we will update this Blackberry screen resolution Blackberry device model and OS version list
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Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update Screenshot
Blackberry Dev Alpha
The Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device operating system was updated to version earlier this morning. We were lucky enough to download the latest version via OTA direct from the device.

A relatively simple process, download took approximately 25-30 mins where the installation file was 487MB in size.

Installation did not take more than 10 minutes so the upgrade process was flawless and within very reasonable timescales. It also restored the existing data as it should. Have a look at the screenshots below of the upgrade steps..

Running the Software Updates

Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update Screenshot to check for updates
Check for Updates on the Dev Alpha
Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update just started to progress
Software update just started on the Dev Alpha
Software update complete for Blackberry 10 please restart the dev alpha device
Software update complete for Blackberry 10 please restart
Blackberry Dev Alpha Software update found image
Blackberry Dev Alpha has found a Software update
Blackberry Dev Alpha Software Update progress screen
Progress bar of the OS update for Blackberry 10
screenshot of the Dev Alpha software updated completed successfully screen
Confirmation of the Blackberry OS 10 upgrade

Blackberry 10 homescreen

Blackberry 10 Homescreen
The Blackberry 10 homescreen
Just a few small cosmetic updates we found straight up from the homescreen that we noticed as the Blackberry Dev Alpha booted to the mail menu screen..

All icons are now slighted rounded on the edges and look much sharper

Icons changed (Browser/Calender/BBM)

Blackberry App World now renamed to Blackberry World

Settings icon now appears as a seperate icon, previously it was on a menu that had to be swiped downwards from the top

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger 10
Unfortunately Blackberry Messenger would not open for now..
During the photo screenshots the Blackberry Messenger 10 would not want to load up during this time and get spinning with the Opening BBM sign, we will try a reboot later on and see what happens..

Active Screens

The Blackberry Dev Alpha OS 10 Active screen
Blackberry 10 Active Screen
The Blackberry OS10 Active Screens feature looked faster and more fluid. Only dissapointing thing is that it would not display active screens. For example, it would be interesting the see the youtube video running in its own window, while the BBM screen was actively showing at the same time, now that would be a cool thing to have!

Blackberry App World 10 App Storefront
Blackberry Appworld now renamed to Blackberry World. We believe this is due to the fact that Apps, Music, Video and Films are also for sale in this 'device store'. Making it not just for apps but for everything else too..
Blackberry 10 World Apps List
Apps List BB10
The Blackberry 10 World now has updated apps released by developers up until september. All other apps are now doe to be released in January after the final release.

Festive Offer for users in India
For a limited time once again RIM have been generous to offer free premium apps to Blackberry users in India.

BBIN announced the free apps a few days ago that for the users in India some chargeable apps were now free!

So if you havent already started downloading now is the best time to download some if not all the free apps, you can always delete the apps from your device once you have downloaded them and reinstall them back at the later date as long as you still have access to your Blackberry AppWorld account!

Here is the list of apps currently downloadable for free..

THE ONE WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... We have just upgraded our Dev Alpha device to the brand new 10.0.09 388 build OS device and are we pleased with the results so far or what!

Having a quick play through it looks great and just what we were waiting for. We get to finally play around with the infamous Scalado Camera that allows us to take the pic, and also rewind back abit to ensure the right shot gets taken.. AWESOME!

The fluid contraflow of the OS is spot on, but gestures and swipes take abit of getting used to though, especially if you have been used to a physical keyboard, however the new keyboard with word prediction is actually pretty neat, and is definatley one that will make typing and responding to messages faster than ever before!

Homescreen, web browsing and even Blackberry Messaging has been tested and all has been given our thumbs up. The OS is definatly one that we can say will blow away the iPhone, but the question is can it get close to the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android? It certainly looks as if it has the potential to...

And if you dont want to look at just the screen shots then check out our Blackberry 10 video walkthrough on youtube!

Homescreen Menu Screenshots

Blackberry Messenger Screenshots

Blackberry App World Screenshots

Blackberry Browser Screenshots

Blackberry Contacts Screen

The Blackberry Hub screenshots

Blackberry 10 Features and a quick walkthrough

If you have a Blackberry device that was not purchased from your own service provider, bought second hand or as a gift, then sometimes it may be necessary for you to amend the APN settings on your Blackberry.

Due to requirements CAMultimate and some other third party apps may require a direct TCP or HTTP connection to the internet, therefore this TCP setting needs to be corrected in order for the application to access the Internet and function successfully on your Blackberry. 


1.    From the home screen click on the Blackberry Menu button
2.    Then select "Options" - it usually has a spanner icon.
3.    Then "Device Settings".
4.    Then select "Advanced Sysem Settings".
5.    Select "TCP/IP" from the list.
6.    Here you will find your "APN Settings". Make sure the tick-box next to "APN Settings Enabled" is ticked.
7.    Once you have done that, just below this you will see "APN:". This is where you will need to type in a setting either from the blue example below or one from your service provider. (you can try the finding your service provider setting on our list below) Press the Menu key or back out and save the settings.
8.    You will need to pull out your battery and restart the device in order for the new settings to register
The APN, username & password is usually obtained from your service provider.
Blackberry Default APN Settings
USERNAME: {leave blank}
PASSWORD{leave blank}
Blackberry APN settings menu
Blackberry APN settings
An example of Japanese DOCOMO NTT APN setting for Blackberry:
(This time ensure that APN Authentication Enabled has been ticked)
PASSWORD{leave blank}
Japan DOCOMO NTT apn settings for Blackberry GPRS
Blackberry DOCOMO NTT Japan APN settings

List of APN settings from Wireless Service Providers

For your ease of use we have collated some of the most common Blackberry wireless service providers settings that you can try in case the general APN ( in the above example does not work.
Feel free to leave a comment if you feel one of the settings are not up to date and we will look into updating this list, thanks
Current OS 7.1 Blackberry device users can use the voice assisted search command features below, although it will not be as glamorous as the newly developed SIRI feature on this Blackberry OS 10 Dev Alpha, the voice look up technology is there for you to take advantage of while we wait for Q1 2013.

We are just a little bemused as to why this voice command feature was hidden away within the OS and hardly marketed much as it does seem like a decent addition to the Blackberry Operating System device.
Blackberry Bold 9900 device
The Blackberry Bold 9900
We had a little play around and apart from the search function which seems to work fine and also the signal and battery check, opening a browser from a voice command and navigating to a web page didnt seem to pick up, why not try it out and let us know if you are getting along any better?

Voice commands RIM Terms of Use

Once you have accepted the above terms and conditions of use of the voice technology on the Blackberry device, you can conduct a voice search from the Blackberry homescreen menu.

Pressing on the microphone button next to the search bar or you can find the Voice Dialling icon and conduct voice dialling commands and perform a few other interesting and fun voice commands for your Blackberry device as demonstrated on our youtube videos below.

Voice Search function demonstrated on the Blackberry Bold 9900

Voice Commands facility demonstrated on the Blackberry Curve 9360

During the our first video walkthrough demo of the voice search, a list of search results from Bing will also give the user a list of possible voice search items that the device thinks the user is trying to look for within the Blackberry or on the web, choosing any one of them will open the browser and a search term performed on it. We believe that this is an optimum way in which providing the user with a fast and convienient way of doing a search without typing.

In our second video, we go through

* The setup wizard for the adaptation of your voice for your Blackberry device to 'learn' your accent so it can effectively pick up your commands.
* We check our phone number on the Blackberry device by using the voice functions
* We attempt to make a call from the Blackberry Curve using the voice function and a dummy number
* We check the battery and signal strength using the voice command facility on the Blackberry

Although this technology is really basic when compared to the SIRI like feature on the Blackberry OS 10 Dev Alpha, we found that the voice detection system accurately picking up on our search term 95% of the time.

So while we wait for RIM to finish the developement of the latest OS10, we think it might be a good idea to get up to scratch with this technology so that we are ready for the Blackberry SIRI in a few months time!
Why not check it out yourself, its free and it should be included in your Blackberry OS 7 device already!

Current Blackberry OS 7 voice commands and their description

"Call <contact name or phone number>"

Say this voice command to make a call. To perform this task with a Bluetooth® enabled device, such as a handsfree car kit or wireless headset, the paired Bluetooth enabled device must support this feature and you must turn on Bluetooth technology. You can't make calls to emergency numbers using voice commands.

"Call <contact name> <phone number type>"

Say this voice command to call a specific phone number for a contact that is in your contact list. For example, if the contact has a work number and a mobile number, you can say "call <contact name> work" to call the work number.

"Call extension <extension number>"

Say this voice command to dial an extension. To perform this task, you must set options for dialing extensions. You can dial extensions only within your company.

"Check my phone number"

If you have multiple phone numbers associated with your BlackBerry® smartphone, say this voice command to check your active phone number.

"Check signal strength"

Say this voice command to check your wireless coverage level.

"Check network"

Say this voice command to check the wireless network that your smartphone is connected to.

"Check battery"

Say this voice command to check the battery power level.


Say this voice command to have the last voice prompt repeated to you.


Say this voice command to close the voice dialing application.