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Everyone at are immensley proud of what the Queen of England, Elizabeth II has achieved in the 60 years from when she was thrown onto the gauntlet of looking after a Commonwealth of Nations in 1952 at a young age of only 25.

The Queen is currently a patron for over 600 charities and organisations and her reign is the 2nd longest for a British Monarch; and moreover she has given us an extra Bank Holiday this 5th June 2012 to mark this spectacular Diamond Jubilee event.

To mark this amazing achievement we want to give you a CAMultimate Diamond offer and we will be slashing the price of the CAMultimate Camera Tools app on Blackberry App World for a whole 14 days starting from the 22nd May 2012 and until the 5th June 2012 the price will only be £1.00 reduced from £3.00!

Celebrate the Queens reign by picking up a copy of your favourite app on Blackberry App World today!

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