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THE ONE WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... We have just upgraded our Dev Alpha device to the brand new 10.0.09 388 build OS device and are we pleased with the results so far or what!

Having a quick play through it looks great and just what we were waiting for. We get to finally play around with the infamous Scalado Camera that allows us to take the pic, and also rewind back abit to ensure the right shot gets taken.. AWESOME!

The fluid contraflow of the OS is spot on, but gestures and swipes take abit of getting used to though, especially if you have been used to a physical keyboard, however the new keyboard with word prediction is actually pretty neat, and is definatley one that will make typing and responding to messages faster than ever before!

Homescreen, web browsing and even Blackberry Messaging has been tested and all has been given our thumbs up. The OS is definatly one that we can say will blow away the iPhone, but the question is can it get close to the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android? It certainly looks as if it has the potential to...

And if you dont want to look at just the screen shots then check out our Blackberry 10 video walkthrough on youtube!

Homescreen Menu Screenshots

Blackberry Messenger Screenshots

Blackberry App World Screenshots

Blackberry Browser Screenshots

Blackberry Contacts Screen

The Blackberry Hub screenshots

Blackberry 10 Features and a quick walkthrough

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